Shweta Basu gets a role offer


Child artiste turned trail blazer in Tollywood Shweta Basu Prasad of ‘Kotha Bangaru Lokam’ who was caught in a sex racket has found a good samaritan offering here a film role. While most of the industry people have distanced themselves from her National Award Filmmaker Hansal Mehta has come forward to give her a role.

Hansal Mehta said in his twitter handle that media and industry should stop posting pictures of Shweta as a bad woman. Instead put out the pictures of her wealthy clients and the pimp. ‘Expose the scumbags not the soft target. She was so good in Makdee and KBL and I intend to  put her in my next film’..

Mehta stand has been lauded by many in the Bollywood and also Tollywood and they say that it is time that the industry took stock of the things and made amends for its lapses.