Siddartha to make movie on “Sperm Donation”!

Not many people have seen this film that talks about sperm donors and the importance of its donation. ‘Vicky Donor’, a latest Hindi film is giving sleepless nights to few people of Tollywood now, including hero Siddharth.
‘Vicky Donor’ is one of the classiest comedy films that deal with the idea of sperm donation, donors and infertility. Immediately after watching the film, many mavericks of Telugu industry have thought of ‘copying’ it, but hero Siddharth is going to do that officially. According to sources, Sid is going to remake this film in Telugu and Tamil by purchasing the rights from its original producer. But, what shocked Sid is, many directors and producers are also thinking to make a film on the same lines by getting inspired with ‘sperm donation’ articles available in the news.
The romantic hero worries that his private conversations have gone to media as he don’t want to get this idea leaked. Let us see who’ll succeed in Tollywood to make a successful and message oriented movie on ‘Sperm Donation’.