Signal less KCR-Still strong

People may be making fun of TRS chief KCR who had been till recently boasting about receiving signals from Central Govt on the formation of Telangana State. For more than two months, KCR after the byelections has been harping on signals he was receiving from UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and the then home minister Chidambaram. Chidambaram however had lucky escape now that his portfolio has been changed. When media carried out stories and analysis of how KCR is taking people of telangana for a ride, he fumed at them, asking them to stop making provocative statements and even made fun of them mocking if not he, will useless people like them get signals. Many started believing his statements and expected some kind of announcement from Centre on Telangana after by elections or later President and Vice President Polls. Nothing happened.
However KCR was undeterred as he told everyone that if by Aug 20th something comes out then it will be festival for telangana or will be going on an all out war. Nothing happened and KCR is not even opening his mouth. Many started writing off signal less KCR. But people will be writing him off at their own peril. KCR is a witty and wily politician. He knows at present everyone is against him and even JAC of which Kondandaram is the president. Students are angry with him and so he don’t want to take any unilateral action. He knows very well that he can not force by elections with just 18 months for general elections.
He is just bidding his time and knowing KCR’s nature one can expect him to whip up passions in the run for general elections putting all parties in a bind.