Simbu cut shorts Bindhu Madhavi’s Name !

Heroines might reject the suggestions of their co-stars when they are riding high. But, they will simple accept whatever a hero says during their flop show.
Same thing is happening with flop Telugu beauty Bindu Madhavi. Apparently, hero Simbu is cutting the tail of this dusky siren. We mean, he advised her to cut down the second word in her name. After doing many sexposing stunts with Tollywood and Kollywood, Bindu Madhavi removed ‘Madhavi’ from her name and added another ‘Sagar’ to it. She is now ‘Bindu Sagar’ and is currently acting aside Simbu in his upcoming movie.
Sources from Tamil industry are saying that there are very less takers for Bindu’s seductive sex appeal. This is because she is touted as an iron leg due to the bombing of her initial flicks. She is also moving close with another director from Telugu circuit for offers, a source stated. Watch this space for more updates.