Simha becomes spoof property !

Till recently none in Tollywood dared to even look into the eyes of Natasimha Balakrishna. However many are getting courage and are becoming more vocal in making fun of him and even mocking his dialogue delivery in public functions. Since two to three years comedy heroes like Naresh and Sunil started making fun of him and at times even comedian Srinivasa Reddy. Nandamuri fans took it with a tinge of salt and though it was insulting in the name of comedy, digested the bitter pill. Prior to two years also many on internet used to mock fun at Balakrishna creating hate photos and abusing him in the name of comedy. However law officials some how managed to put a full stop to them.
Now more recently in Sudigadu it was not Naresh who mocked fun at him and his more popular thigh slapping scene from ‘Samara Simha Reddy’. It is once again comedian and small screen anchor Kishore Das and small school children who mocks fun of Balayya enmasse. As if this was not enough debutant beauty mesmerising Monal Gajjar slapped her beautiful and tender thighs to scare away villains. All this is becoming intolerable for Balakrishna fans though they can not find out what was going on in Natasimha’s minds. Many feel unless until Simha scores sensational hit as ‘Srimannarayana’, he will become hot property for spoofs.