‘Simha’ creator’s sensational waring !

Boyapati Srinu became the top directors of tollywood based with one sensational film ‘Simha’ starring Balakrishna. Fans till then who addressed Balakrishna as Yuva Ratna started addressing him as ‘Nata Smiha’. That shows the impact Simha created in tollywood and especially with Nandamuri heroes. Though Boyapati did only four films, he is enjoying more stardom thanks to Simha. He recently did ‘Dammu’ with Young Tiger NTR and NTR himself revealed that he rejected 9 stories narrated by Boyapati before signing Dammu. The film failed to reach upto the expectations of masses as they compared it with ‘Simha’.
Recently Balakrishna celebrated ‘Srimannarayana’ audio launch. The film is directed by Ravi Chavali and features Balakrishna romancing Isha Chawla and Parvathi Melton. Celebrities who graced the event wished the film makers all the success and some wished that the film would become another ‘Simha’. Boyapati speaking at the function showed his arrogance giving strong retort saying no film can become another ‘Simha’ and one should not try to reach ‘Simha’ as it is a special one for him and Balakrishna. He asked film makers to think of making films completely different from Simha, rather than trying to out smart and out reach ‘Simha’.