Siva Should Make Changes For Mahesh


‘Aagadu’ proved a thing. Collections on day one are not an issue for a star of Mahesh Babu’s stature irrespective of the mixed-talk and critics brickbats. Second thing is that, even if a big star hero holding the top chair comes up with ‘masala’ flick, then fans and cinema lovers are not ready to accept it.

Regular formulaic content with loads of massism is not a ‘safe’ thing for Mahesh Babu as ‘Aagadu’ proved it. The slowdown of collections on second day after registering colossal figures on day one explains the scenario well. And now, the immediate person who should absorb this startling fact is none other than director Koratala Siva. Apparently 0ur Superstar will be taking just a short break and roll out his next with Siva.

Mahesh revealed during recent media interaction that Siva has come up with a nice story with full set of commercial elements. We wonder if the ‘content’ is another Mirchi like. Rather playing some unlimited killing machine characters and depending on punch dialogues all the time, as Siva is famous for etching such, maybe Mahesh should give importance to other elements too.