Size zero eating away stunning looks

During the olden days renowned stars like Anjali, Savitri, Bhanumathi and others used to have roles equal to that of top heroes. While top film makers used to give them equal importance in creating strong performance oriented roles for them, even heroines used to select roles that give them scope for bring out their best on the silver screen to enthrall movie lovers. However as the days passed by heroines and their roles became minimal at the most to item songs and item girls. In that way the roles of vamps have disappeared from the industry.

Now just like heroes going for six packs, heroines are after size zero. Many feel that if buxom babes or beauties who are having some flesh try for size zero it could be acceptable. However even slim beauties are out on streets for size zeroes. Ever since Kareena tried for size zero even South Indian heroines are on workouts for that shape.
This is becoming a minus point for them but the slim beauties are not realising these facts in their passion for size zero. Their anxiety is forcing directors to include strong dialogues in their scripts, which heroes are mouthing in their films on their heroines. Prince Mahesh commented on Samantha in ‘Dookudu’, Stylish Star Allu Arjun made fun of Ileana in ‘Julayi’ and more recently Natasimha Balakrishna took Parvathi Melton to task in ‘Srimannarayana’. However heroines are not heeding their words and resembling patients losing their sensuous looks. It is better heroines concentrate on improving their acting skills rather than size zero.