Slowly recovering from damage done by NTR

Mega producer Aswini Dutt has been suffering from huge flops post Indra. Except for Chirutha none of his films did decent business in the recent times. Even after taking a huge blow from Subash Chandra Bose starring Venkatesh, the veteran did dare to make high budget films.
In this process he took a killer blow from Shakti film starring NTR and directed by Meher Ramesh. He couldn’t get up easily after that. The impact of Shakti’s disaster is so big that Aswini Dutt had to take a break from making films for more than a year. However, he is finally recovering from the damage done by Shakti.
Aswini Dutt is in plans to make three films in a row. First of those would be with Raviteja in the lead. Parasuram directs it. Next film is Mahesh Babu’s with Krish. After that Magadheera hero Charan and Dookudu director Srinu Vytla will team up for Aswini Dutt. Hope these films help him recover from the losses as we need daring producers like him to be in business all the time.