Small Film Artists forced for Lip-Kisses !

Not only Bollywood and Tamil cinema, Telugu films are also going beyond borders to show some rawness in the content. But this is taking shocking turns with Small-Films.
We are seeing big heroes like Mahesh and Pawan doing a peck on the lips of their heroines in an aesthetic way. But our so called small movies are taking different turn about this. They simply want their young actors to chew eachother’s lips before the camera. You can take any small-budgeted movie released in the last one year to observe this. In fact, all the hero and heroines of these films are youngsters who wandered on roads with the slogan ‘okka chance’. Our so called intelligent makers are simply cashing on their weakness by actually roping in unwanted lip kisses, says a critic.
While some girls and boys are staying away from that, some have no other chance than to accept it. We can say that our makers are outputting dumb movies because of their unwanted interests for these kisses.