Snaha Ullal Hot video brings offers for her !

Flaunting her sexy curves in ‘Madatha Kaja,’ the look alike of Aishwarya Rai that is sneha ullal hasn’t got the much needed mileage to woo producers or directors. It is just one post by ‘Times of India’ about an old video of her uploaded on Youtube brought this forgotten lady into sudden limelight. Yes, sneha ullal currently planning to release one more semi porn video like ‘Lick’ is also known to have got a call from ‘Dookudu’ producer Anil Sunkara to act as heroine in one his upcoming Flick.

In fact, the footage of ‘Lick’ was uploaded long ago where in her sensual and sexy expressions weren’t buttoned down by netizens. Thanks to extensive promotion offered by the above mentioned news agency in particular because here is at least one producer who came forward to offer a new lease of life to Sneha. Let us see, how erotic she turns in future?