Snake and Ladder game between Kiran & Botsa

Snake and Ladder game is on progress in between the 2 ace Congress politicians in Andhra Pradesh. One of them is our present CM Kiran Kumar Reddy and another one is PCC chief Bothsa. Cold war is on progress between these 2 politicians right from few years. Now Kiran Kumar Reddy is trying to pull Bothsa out of the position of PCC chief position.
It is well known that the Congress party in Andhra Pradesh is having a “One man one position” policy. But Bothsa is having a ministry post besides handling PCC. CM Kiran is targeting this 2 way power of Bothsa. Kiran is aspiring to put Bothsa aside of the PCC chief position and is recommending that post to Telengana leader.
But Bothsa is using his heavy influence and huge network to counter attack the plans of Kiran. Bothsa is aiming for the CM chair and he is already moving the pawns in that direction. He is using each and every opportunity to climb for the next position in the political ladder to attain the CM status. But Kiran is attacking him from all the corners indirectly. We have to wait for some more time to know the winner in this cold war.