Sneha sold Wedding Video Rights to Viajaya TV

Generally heroes make money only when they score hits and continue to do movie. When it comes to heroines, they get paid for ‘so many’ acts and activities. Check out the story of this family heroine.
Sneha is doing quite well on her career front for some time, but resorted to family girl roles most of the times. Probably, this might have made her the lowest earner in her batch. However, the adorable beauty is leaving nothing now that can give her few bucks. As she is going to get married very soon, the ravishing girl has sold the video rights of her wedding to a Tamil channel.
Indeed this is first time from a South heroine to do such acts. ‘As many people are after me to give exclusive rights of my wedding video, I’ve come up with a plan. It worked and Vijaya TV stood winner’, says actress Sneha. It is her wedding and her video, what can we say!