Something wrong with Balayya mental status?

The way senior actor and Telugu Desam Party MLA from Hindupur constituency Nandamuri Balakrishna slapped one of his fans who was trying to take a selfie with him at Nandyal shocked everybody, including his own party leaders and MLAs.

The incident also raised questions about the mental status of Balakrishna, as it is not the first time that he had behaved in such eccentric fashion.

No doubt, film stars have a lot of ego and they tend to consider themselves super humans looking down upon the common people as ordinary mortals.

There were incidents of film stars expressing their anger at their fans who show overenthusiasm, but there are hardly any instances of these stars slapping or punching the fans.

But Balakrishna seems to be of a different tribe. There were several instances of Balakrishna manhandling his own fans for crossing the limits.

More recently, he slapped his personal assistant for being a bit late in tying his shoe laces. He even hurled abuses at the fans several times.

Now, reports are doing rounds in media circles that there was something wrong with his psychological condition.

The reports went to the extent of saying that Balakrishna was actually lunatic and he had undergone treatment for his mental imbalance at NIMS and Mental Hospital, Erragadda.

Though there are no proofs for the same, one would get this doubt by seeing his erratic behaviour quite often. If it is really true, it is better his fans stay away from him as far as possible!