Son stroke could cost 10 crore?


Usually, top producers make films to make profits, but leading producer Bellamkonda Suresh, has a different plans, to make his son and debutant Srinivas a star in a couple of films and ready to lose 20 to 25 crores, by investing on big productions. Despite losing around 10 crores in ‘Alludu Seenu’, producer of ‘Bodyguard’ is reportedly ready to lose another 10 crores since he is going to spend another 30-crores for his next film with director Boyapati. 

Despite knowing that Simha director spends lavishly and doesn’t compromise and aloso pockets huge pay packet. ‘Instead of chasing big stars for dates, its better to lose 15 to 20 crores in a few films and make his son a saleable star, this is a rare gamble, but Bellamkonda doesn’t mind, taking the risk’ says a industry source. By just signing big directors, can Srinivas become a star, only time will tell?