Sonakshi Cried at Arpita’s Wedding?

According to grapevine, actress Sonakshi Sinha was spotted “crying” at the wedding of Salman’s sister Arpita after reportedly having an argument with Salman Khan. Buzz had it that Sonakshi took a “selfie” with Salman and posted it in her Twitter page stating “somethings never change”. Soon after this, Sonakshi said to have indulged in an argument with Salman which made the latter “angry”.
It’s reported that Salman had told Sonakshi in a “loud” voice, “Maine aisa kabhi nahin bola” (I haven’t never said so). Producer Ashwini Yardi, a common friend of both the stars, apparently stepped in to straighten out the things. He had asked Sonakshi to first “stop crying” and later took both of them aside where they “called for truce”. Mr Ashwini Yardi reportedly insisted both Salman and Sonakshi to “dance together” in order to “wipe out” their “ironies”. 
Rumour has it that both Sonakshi and Salman were in good terms until the former “declined” Salman’s brother Arbaaz Khan’s production ‘Dolly Ki Doli’. In fact, it was Salman who gave her “offer” as female lead in her debut flick “Dabangg”. However, Sonakshi quashed all those “sobbing” rumours and termed them as “best fiction” she has ever read. Sonakshi’s spokesperson issued a statement, “The news is not true and no such incident happened in the reception.”