‘Sonam Is Not A Good Actress Or A Good Speaker’

On October 7, Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor attended an event called We the Women in Bengaluru, in which she was asked about allegations of sexual harassment against filmmaker Vikas Bahl.

Sonam expressed that what happened was just disgusting. However, at the same event, when she was asked about Kangana Ranaut’s accusations on Vikas Bahl, Sonam said that the Manikarnika actress says many things and it is hard to take her seriously sometimes.

However, Sonam also expressed that she likes Kangana’s spunk.

Furious with Sonam’s comment on her, Kangana Ranaut, in an interview with Pinkvilla, spoke her mind.The actress, disappointed with Sonam’s response, slammed her for the judgemental comments and went on a rant insisting that Sonam has no business or right to judge her since she is known and is a celeb only because of her father Anil Kapoor.

She further went on to say that Sonam is not a good actress or a good speaker, and as such doesn’t have the credibility to pass judgement on a celebrated actress like herself.