Sonia Gandhi is World’s Fourth Richest Politician

If reports of a US based magazine ‘Business Insider’ are to be believed, AICC chief Sonia Gandhi is the fourth richest politician in the world. As per the reports, her assets worth $2-19 billion, which is about Rs 10,000-45,000 crore.
As per the affidavit filed before the 2009 general elections, Sonia Gandhi has movable assets worth Rs 1.17 crore and immovable assets worth Rs 20 lakhs. Based on these information, Sonia’s income can’t be more than Rs 60 lakh per annual.
The Business Insider’s report, however, indicates Sonia is more corrupt than any other politician in the country. Other names in the list – Saudi Arabia’s king Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz with assets worth $21 billion tops the list. Last in the list is US Senator John Kerry who owns wealth worth $181-$281 million. Another Indian in the list is Savitri Jindal, who stood at the 7th spot with with net worth of $13.2 billion.