Sonia-Jagan’s quid Pro Quo

Ever since the allegations of Jagan’s disproportionate assets case came out in open the phrase quid pro quo has been used extensively by all parties especially Jagan’s detractors and even CBI in its charge sheet. People started searching for its meaning and found out that the phrase converts to expecting something in return for the things one does. Many feel that though Congress high command headed by Sonia sent Jagan packing to Jail, she needs him more dearly than anyone else to realise her dream of making her loving son Rahul Gandhi as the PM of India. To achieve this state of Andhra Pradesh is extremely important as only victory here would ensure some cushion for the party. Already strong winds of opposition is blowing against the party across India but Sonia feels that things could be managed as people there don’t have any alternative rather than to vote for Maya or Mulayalam in UP whom she can manage, NCP in Maharashtra whom again she can manage, Laloo or Nitish Kumar in Bihar and with Nitish sending signals to Cong, Sonia is in safe zone.
In the neck and neck fight with Ramdev, Anna Hazare breathing fire, things are blossoming for BJP. It all boils down to South and TN can be managed with either Jayalalitha or Karunanidhi and now Country’s fpcus shifts to AP where the party is on the verge of getting decimated. So Sonia is making last ditch attempt and she is in no way interested in power at State level. She is making line clear for Jagan making him a strong force in the state so that power won’t be lost completely. Jagan already stated that he would support Cong at Center and so in that way Rahul can become PM. If neither Cong and Jagan win AP it would be difficult for Sonia. So Sonia and Jagan has quid pro quo understanding in which Rahul becomes PM and Jagan becomes CM.