Sonia starts PM’s T-Play

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who always be in penance like ‘Mouni Baba’ when so much corruption happening in the country seems to have got green signal as he has started his T-Play once again. It is a well known fact that PM will not open his mouth till he is permitted to speak. He did not even open his mouth on coal gate scam that was rocking the parliament till recently. This means Congress and Sonia is starting its Telangana play once again only to take people of the region for a ride and divert the attention of the country from various scams.
It also wants to shift focus from BJP’s yatra in which it stormed the house of PM. Its double game can be realized the moment PM in his meeting with communists parties reasoned out delay in T formation due to lack of consensus while in the next two days he promised to come with a solution to T MPS. Congress T MPS and others in Cong high command like Valayar Ravi may twist their tongues but intelligent telangana people see through their sinister designs.
It is only a matter of time these traitors of telangana will be taught a lesson in the next elections irrespective of the party they represent.