Sonia ,T-MPs fool KCR

Common people and political analysts think that KCR is all powerful and no one can dare look into his eyes. Some even say the mere mention of his name will send shivers in the spines of his opponents. However going by the present developments, it seems KCR is mere paper tiger who gives only vitriolic statements only to instigate hatred and mob fury across various sections of people and none of his political rivals are taking him seriously. Till recently he tried to make JAC chairman Prof Kodandaram dance to his tunes and also get all the parties in JAC and make them puppets. but other parties saw through his designs and walked out of the JAC. Now even Kodandaram started acting independently.
While KCR has been spending time talking about signals on telangana from Sonia Gandhi and center each and every Union Minister are sending signals contrary to his views shocking him to the core. Many feel that Cong high command is guiding T-MPs to move closely with KCR and find out all his future plans so that they can tackle him more proactively. That was the reason why T-MPs breath fire according to the whims and fancies of KCR and share all information with High Command. Thus Sonia and T MPs have successfully made fool of KCR and now he has no place to hide.