Sorry for not exposing – Sunny Leone

Looks like Sunny Leone had now learnt how to stay in news always. Her first release in Bollywood Jism2 got released recently and bombed at the box office. The actress was told that she disappointed her fans by not exposing in the movie. Here is what she got to say –
“We have a different set of rules in India. There is a Censor Board we have to answer to, whose rules are pretty strict. There is an adult film industry everywhere. But I did this movie knowing it is mainstream Hindi cinema. I’m sorry for letting them down by not exposing. But hey! They bought the tickets, so I want to thank them!”
Movie on smuggler Veerappan
A movie is being made in Sandalwood on popular Forest smuggler Veerappan’s life. Tamil actor Kishore is playing the role of the smuggler in the movie. The movie had invoked good amount of curiosity there. And now the makers of the movie are now planning to shoot a promotional song with the film’s leading ladies – Lakshmi Rai, Bhavana Rao and Vijayalakshmi., meant for TV publicity, a first in Sandalwood.
Sandeep Chowta is rendering music for this movie while Emil (of Jinke Mari Na fame) will compose this track.