South & North Telangana Divides On ‘Kakatiya Mission’

CM KCR announced proudly that his government will take lake restoration program and named it ‘Kakatiya Mission’ to bring back and restore the golden glory of Telangana in his efforts of Bangaru Telangana. However this is surprisingly met with opposition driving wedge between North and South Telangana. Differences were there for everyone to see in the discussions in the assembly. 
Congress members from Mahabubnagar district opposing Mission Kakatiya said they have their own kings and rulers and the mission should be named not after Kakatiyas but after South Telangana Kings. Participating in the discussion in Question Hour on Government initiative to clean lakes G.Chinna Reddy, Cong MLA from Vanaparty objected to the name and asked govt to change the Mission Kakatiya name.
He also pointed out that South Telangana people do not celebrate Batukamma but will celebrate Bonalu and pointed that though differentiated, they didnot protest Government decision to declare Batukamma as state festival.