This is Special Holi for Nithin Heroine


India is busy in playing the most colourful festival Holi and so does Adha Sharma, Her recent film Heart attack with Nithin and directed by Puri jaganth is success. This success party brings more josh to Adah Sharma and she is also offered a film with Mahesh is an industry talk. Here is what Adhan Sharma says about this holi.

“I’m concerned about the environment, which is why I want everyone to celebrate ecofriendly Holi using organic colours. For people who can’t stay without water on Holi, using nondrinking water is the best, Holi is the perfect occasion to take fun pictures of yourself with your family and friends. It’s all about capturing love and happiness all around,”

Adha Sharma is also starring two of Bollywood films, She also said that playing colors is a human fun so please stay away from animals. Animals don’t prefer to bath and they lick themselves, so when we play Holi with them they will lick this colors which have serious chemicals that will affect them.