Special: No Comparison Between Jagan and Chandrababu

ABN Radhakrishna in his editorial questioned the silence of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and Pawan Kalyan on the BJP’s affidavit in Supreme Court which said that all promises to AP had been fulfilled.While Chandrababu Naidu is getting ready to fight a legal war against the Centre on the affidavit, the silence of Jagan and Pawan gives strength to the allegation that they are mere tools in the hands of the BJP, said Radhakrishna.

Regarding the sincerity of Chandrababu and YS Jagan for the welfare of Andhra Pradesh, there is absolutely no doubt that YS Jagan is miles ahead of Chandrababu Naidu.When the T-agitation was at its peak, YS Jagan actually protested with a placard in his hand against bifurcation. Knowing fully well that such a move would affect his prospects in Telangana; he still stood for the cause of a united Andhra Pradesh.

Did Chandrababu ever speak out convincingly against bifurcation? In Telangana, he said ‘Jai Telangana’ and in Andhra Pradesh, he chanted the Samaikhyandhra mantra.Did Jagan Mohan Reddy give a letter in support of bifurcation? It was Chandrababu Naidu who did it!

What was the first reaction of Chandrababu when the bifurcation decision was announced? He did not condemn it, instead he asked for Rs 5 lakh crore for a new capital! He had made up his mind then itself to play on the sentiment of bifurcation and benefit from it materially.Is Chandrababu more intelligent than the Sivaramakrishnan committee which strongly advised against setting up the capital in Amaravati by destroying the green belt in the region?

What was the point in setting up the expert committee if he did not intend to follow its advice?It was merely a show for public consumption. Everyone knows that the Bifurcation Bill was passed in a most unconstitutional manner in Parliament by closing the doors of Parliament and stopping live coverage.Why did Chandrababu Naidu not fight a legal battle with the Centre against Bifurcation Bill? If you ask a man for a hundred rupees, will he give you two hundred?

When Arun Jaitley made fools of everyone by announcing a special package instead of SCS and said it would give more benefits than SCS, what was Chandrababu’s reaction?He welcomed the special package and responding to those who demanded nothing short of special status, said, “Special Category Status Emanna Sanjeevana? (Is Special Category, a Sanjeevini plant?”He further threatened to jail all those who were asking for SCS. Today, this very same gentleman has launched a ‘Dharma Deeksha’ for SCS. What a joke! What a colossal joke!

Radhakrishna says that Jagan might be silent because of the pending cases against him. Yes, but YS Jagan is not the kind of leader who will compromise beyond a certain point.Had he merely bowed his head to Sonia Gandhi, he would have easily been made a Central Minister or given a post of repute.Although he was well aware that going against Sonia Gandhi might be trouble for him, he never took a diplomatic stand but stood up for what he believed in and had to face imprisonment for 16 months.

As per norms, if the cases against a person are not proved within 3 months, then he is eligible for bail in three months but the Constitution was thrown to the winds in his case. But what does Chandrababu Naidu do when cases are filed against him? He went and fell at the feet of Chidambaram.For 16 months, Chandrababu and Congress kept YS Jagan away from the public and then they took the help of Modi and Pawan Kalyan and what was the ultimate percentage difference in votes? 2 %. Who do the Andhra people believe in, then?

It is absolutely clear therefore that YS Jagan is a leader who is more than willing to undergo personal hardships for what he believes in whereas Chandrababu Naidu is a rank opportunist who puts his and his community’s own interests above that of the people.Did not YS Jagan refuse to announce loan waiver because the State could not afford it whereas Chandrababu did and later ditched the farmers? Is this not sufficient proof enough?

And, speaking of corruption, has anyone observed that Chandrababu and his son Lokesh have stopped chanting the ‘Jagan looted 1.5 lakh crore mantra’ ever since Chandrababu was caught red-handed in the cash-for-vote case? A man who deserves to be in Central Jail is now speaking of Dharma Poratam.The people of Telangana have stripped Chandrababu bare in that State. It is time for the Andhras to do the same or else, it will be an endless ‘Cheekati Rajyam’ for the people of the State.