Special songs turning double edged swords

Movie lovers, general public and film makers are of the opinion that special songs or raunchy item numbers are the sure and safe way to success. Even from aspiring stars to top heroines everyone believe they are the shortcut to stardom. While in the olden days there used to be special actress’ specialized for the item numbers or club songs, that difference has been erased long time back. Many top beauties sizzled in item numbers providing delicious treat to movie lovers and masses. Now film makers can not think of making a film without including an item number. However film critics and trade analysts are having different opinion on item songs being the shortcut to stardom.
They feel if a item number become a superhit then a new comer is sure to graduate from item gal to heroine but it is not the same case with a established star. If a top heroine decides to do a item number then many rumors do around. Many say she is doing the song as she is starved of offers. If the song turns out to be a hit it will be a plus point to heroine or else she will be branded as failure and film makers stops making offers to her as heroine also.
Beauties like Malaika Khan in ‘Dil Se’ or Sonali Bendre in ‘Bombay’ achieved stardom and became top stars. But it is not the same case with all. In tollywood more recently Parvathi Melton turned heroine after her ‘Dookudu’ hit number ‘Poove Poove’. Similar is the case with Meenakshi Dixit who turned heroine in ‘Devaraya’. One has to wait and watch what will be the fate of Bertante who starred in ‘Devudu Chesina Manushulu’ and said ‘Disturb Chestande’.