Spirits on Silver Screen !

Movie lovers after witnessing ‘Ukodatara Ulikkipadatara’ are left wondering are spirits going to rule tollywood silver screen. The film featured Balakrishna and Sonu Sood in roles of spirits fighting with each other in a greulling duel making viewers fix their eyes to the screens. Some more film are expected to come. They include hot malayalee beauty Priyamani who is coming in dual roles to terrify all as conjoint twins to exact revenge on evil doers. 
Lawrence who is currently busy with ‘Rebel’ is contemplating on making sequel for his superhit ‘Kanchana’, He stunned all playing a role which has three spirits inside it. Even Ukodatara Ulikkipadatara has some surprise elements like Sonu Sood’s spirit switching over from one person to another person. Film makers are smitten by spirits when Super Star Rajanikanth played with ‘Chandramukhi’ spirit in the superhit ‘Chandramukhi’. Later the same film maker tried to take Chandramukhi to new level with ‘Nagavalli’ with Victory Venkatesh.. 
Pretty lass Priyamani also came with ‘Kshetram’ last year. In between none can forget mangalore beauty Anushka’s ‘Arundhati’ which made her the super heroine of tollywood. Even before Arundhati’s spirit could come out of movie lovers, she came with ‘Panchakshari’. The thought of spirits will surely make movie lovers spine chill. One has to wait and watch how many spirits will spellbound movie lovers and enter success rings.