Split Wide Open: Naresh Vs Shivaji Raja

Shivaji Raja and Naresh, the two groups are waging war of wards.While Shivaji Raja, the president of MAA (Movie Artistes’ Association), made it clear that he didn’t steal a single paisa from the money collected from fundraising event in USA, the allegations against him have not stopped.

Shivaji Raja vs Naresh…the plot is thickening. The controversy is now wide open.Both the parties have come forward to the media and have narrated their version of the controversy.According to Naresh, the president Shivaji Raja and his gang has indulged in large scale irregularities in MAA funds.

He said they made agreements with several companies to conduct Silver Jubilee celebrations of MAA in big scale without informing him or other Members.He also showed some proofs claiming that Shivaji Raja did misuse funds.It is said that a group of top actors are rallying behind Naresh while Shivaji Raja and Srikanth, the current top brass of MAA, belong to Megastar Chiranjeevi’s camp.

Shivaji Raja gave clarification and also reiterated that if it is proven that he stole a single paisa from the account he would hand over all his assets to MAA. Srikanth also said if he’s found guilty, he would not ever come to MAA.

The war of words is continuing, the members have split into two groups. Each group is trying to malign the other.