Spotted:Pawan entry in Gopala Gopala


Pawan Kalyan has the habit of buying costly bikes and this habit some times come as a boon to the film makers. We have seen in some occasions in the past, the actor’s bikes were used in his movie. We reported our readers that Pawan kalian is using his own bike in Gopala Gopala. It is known that Akshay Kumar introduction scene in Oh My God will be on a bike as he saves Paresh Rawal.

Pawan Kalyan’s bike is used for the same scene in Gopala Gopala and he saves Venkatesh in the film from thugs. This chasing scene is said to be most expensive in the film. Here is Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh’s first look in a blurred image. Both are seen in same outfits.

Pawan Kalyan bike is also visible in the picture. Gopala Gopala release date has been locked and Producer Suresh Babu said to release the movie on January 13, 2015 as Sankranthi special. In fact, the movie was earlier scheduled for Diwali release, however it is postponed to Sankranthi as shooting has been delayed several times attributable to Pawan Kalyan’s unhealthy issues.