Sreenu Vaitla Under Pressure!

Director Sreenu Vaitla is reeling under immense pressure pertaining to his ongoing film with Ravi Teja, Amar Akbar Anthony. The recently released pre-look poster had got lukewarm response that is worrying even the film’s producers who have now cut the bugdgets for the film keeping the business into consideration.

Besides Vaitla’s poor form and bad track record, the performance of Ravi Teja’s Nela Ticket has a huge effect on the film’s business. Since Ravi Teja’s market also took nosedive after Nela Ticket, now producers want to play it safe. However, it’s easier said than done. Even Anu Emmanuel’s jinx tag is becoming worry. Amidst this, there’s a lot of pressure on Vaitla to deliver a guarantee hit film which is a difficult task.

Especially, the poor response to the pre-look is worrying the team. Will Sreenu bounce back? Will he deliver the much-needed hit to Ravi Teja?