Sreenu Vaitla should register for Patent?


Ever since director Sreenu Vaitla made Dhee in 2007, Tollywood has struck by its screenplay. Many directors, screenplay writers, heroes have smitten by the bug called Sreenu Vaitla. They made sure that the protagonist/hero enter into villain’s house or other way around with a false identity and there you see all stereotyped comedy and finally he brings drastic reforms in crooks by changing their hearts and finally movie ends on positive note.

Several films were made on the similar lines of Dhee so far. Pawan Kalyan’s Attarintiki Daaredi or Prabhas’ Mirchi or Manchu’s Doosukeltha, just released Loukyam are a few to name. Several directors, producers can’t forego Sreenu’s screenplay style. Not even Sreenu couldn’t come out of his Dhee style at times. It may work for few films but certainly not for all films. The ridicule now doing the rounds in Film Nagar is that Sreenu Vaitla should register for a patent on these kind of films in order to shun the others to “use” this formula.