Sreenu Vaitla’s Wife Selling Cow Milk

Keeping just films as an only career option and source of income is not at all a good plan. Whether it is a star hero or a leading director, one won’t just stick to films for financial security because the film industry is a tricky field that could turn the table unexpectedly in any direction. That’s the reason many stars do come up with some sort of businesses.

It seems like this popular Tollywood director also realised this and is seeking another way of income. He is none other than Seenu Vaitla who is going through a slump now after an illustrious 15 years of career. He has not recorded any hit movie in the past three to four years. We hear that his wife Rupa Vaitla has recently started a new business much to anyone’s surprise.

Rupa has come up with “Vedik”, a brand that sells cow milk. To popularise this cow milk, they are also promoting that it is the only right milk one should drink. We hear that the business is going well and already Vaitla couple are earning lakhs with it per month. While many other businessmen are also entering into this cow milk business, we have to see what heights Vaitlas will reach.

As Seenu is still struggling to score hits, they might have started this as their side business to avoid going penniless, people are heard commenting. Well, it is a good thing that despite being a known director in the industry, he opted a new stream to protect his financial interests. Good move!!