Sri Rama Navami Talk: Which Hero? Which Director??

Okay, switch on the TV. While all the news channels may cover the live wedding of Lord Rama and Goddess Seetha from Ontimetta or Bhadrachalam, entertainment channels will be trying to air some special films related to the occasion.

But most of the time, we see Sobhan Babu’s Sampoorna Ramayanam, Nagarjuna’s Sriramadasu or some very old films. Other than Balayya’s Sri Rama Rajyam, there is no other epic film based on the great story of Lord Rama to air on this day. So the question is, why our latest generation of Star heroes and director don’t make any films related to this epic?

Among the present generation of actors we have, the likes of Mahesh, NTR, Charan and Allu Arjun could try such epic subjects provided with the reach they have. Unfortunately, they are either coming up with mass films or preachy subjects but not dealing with mythological stories. And some films like Manchu Vishnu’s film on Ravana and others are always reeling under some issue rather taking off.

At the same time, many directors are not even daring to come up with such a terrific visual effects film that deals with mythology. Either their poor track record or their thirst to score a mass hit is simply stopping them from coming up with one such film.

While Amir Khan and Mohanlal could come up with films on Mahabharata, why not Telugu producers, directors and star heroes on Ramayana? Hope they open eyes this Sri Rama Navami and announce such films soon.