Sri Reddy- Abhiram Issue : Suresh Babu’s Version

Ace producer and studio owner Suresh Babu’s version over his son’s alleged “intimate” pics with controversial actress Sri Reddy. Suresh Babu, who has been tight-lipped about this much talked about topic, seems to have broken his silence to controversial director Ram Gopal Varma.

RGV said he has spoken to Suresh Babu and shared Suresh Babu’s version on the issue in his latest video post.

“Suresh Babu has told me that law will take its own course. He said if his son Abhiram is found guilty, let law punish him and if his son is found innocent, let it be. Suresh Babu told that he doesn’t want to involve in the issue and let law decide,” RGV told in his video post.

However, RGV expressed his suspicion that Suresh Babu’s family wouldn’t be okay with it since his family’s reputation is also at stake. Thanks to RGV, Suresh Babu’s version is now out over Abhiram-Sri Reddy issue. One must appreciate Suresh Babu for taking a neutral side and expressing faith on legal system instead of condemning Sri Reddy’s allegations.