Sri Reddy To Reveal All Names On ABN Channel??

Of course, actress Sri Reddy is openly telling few names of celebrities of whom she had some videos. She stated that there are enough proofs of those celebs in compromised positions and named few of them on Facebook too. But why are those names being said on any media houses?

According to the reports, we hear that media houses don’t want to spread any names until they have concrete evidence. But it is being said that Sri Reddy is claiming to have videos but not sharing any proofs of it. However, there are those who ask, when media houses could run stories for hours when Mahesh Kathi accused Pawan Kalyan of having affair with Poonam Kaur, why don’t they air names of the celebs being named by Sri Reddy?

“I only asked few channels to not name the celebrities. While speaking I revealed many names, but I’ve asked them to add beeps. And some big channels like TV9 told me they won’t reveal any names. But I’m going to ABN soon, and there I’ll spill all the names without any beeps” she said, in a statement given to some fans.

On her Facebook as well, Sri Reddy is repeating that she will soon reveal everything, every name and every video on ABN’s live debate. Let’s see what happens.