Sri Reddy Row : Vishnu Attacks MAA

Actor-producer Vishnu Manchu, who had earlier played quite active role in MAA since its inception and even played key role during South Indian Film Chambers of Commerce’s Indian Cinema’s centenary celebrations (100 years celebrations) in Chennai in 2013, has now blasted the present Movie Artistes Association headed by Sivaji Raja. In an open letter to addressed to the MAA, Vishnu has teared into MAA’s ‘haphazard’, ‘unilateral’ decisions in the Sri Reddy row.

Vishnu wrote, “The recent episode involving a nonmember (read as Sri Reddy) with MAA has puzzled me. Due to the allegations made by her, you along with few other members in an urgently called press meet suddenly announced that 900 members of the Association shall boycott her by not acting with her. Good; but in the 900 members are my respected Father, my brother, my sister and me included? As an Actor/Producer, it is my prerogative who I want to act with. You cannot dictate terms. Subsequently, there has been a large outburst by her on individuals, families, film establishments and the whole Telugu Industry itself. Surprisingly, within no time, the decision to boycott her was revoked by you in a large press meet. Such actions have shown MAA negatively and with the top media networks across India and the world have made a mockery of MAA. Because of your actions, we have been embarrassed Nationally!”

Vishnu further demanded, “First get the guidelines in MAA set, on who can have memberships. Even the Production/Dance/Fight unions and many of our 24 Crafts have strict and proper guidelines. Most of the local actors who are popular are not MAA members; and I am allowed to act with them?”

“With allegations of exploitation of women and men in the name of our film industry making unpleasant news now, the Film Chamber must setup a grievance cell not just MAA. Producers/Directors/Writers/Managers have all been named; MAA cannot be a single party to this. Restrain is needed in matters like this; not knee-jerk reactions.”

On concluding note, Vishnu sought a reply to his letter. “Your answer in this regard is solicited as this questions the democratic fabric of the Association itself.”