Sri Reddy Slams Shakalaka Shankar

After a brief lull period, Sri Reddy is back to hitting out at celebrities. This time she has aimed her guns at comedian Shakalaka Shankar.The comedian allegedly made some statements on her. He is die-hard fan of Pawan Kalyan.According to her, Shakalaka used some bad words against her in a video interview.

“If you do extras, your ass will be beaten,” she said in her Facebook post and video.

“I know your film has released and you need some publicity. To gain collections, you are free to use your favourite star’s name. But for some cheap publicity, if you criticize I will not leave you. Naa daggara andari jaathakalu unnayi. I will not leave. There are many pimps in Movie Artistes’ Association. I will reveal all of their names,” she told in this latest video.

Shakakala Shankar made debut as lead hero with “Shambo Shankara” that took decent openings in rural areas. He is on success tour to promote the film.Where did he make comments against her and what he said is not known.