Sri Reddy: I Slept with Limited Members

Truth or no truth, whatever that Sri Reddy is writing on Facebook is making people discuss with glee.

Since she is naming all the celebrities who had slept with her promising a role, people are eager to know more about such salacious details. Sadly, she is also feeding the readers on daily basis.

She has listed out many directors and actors who had slept with her. If one lists out the number of names she put out on Facebook and revealed in mainstream media, the list of celebs who sought sexual favours from her would be huge.

Is she really victim when she “agreed to sleep with anyone who promised her an offer” as she is claiming? Or she is just bad naming celebrities to keep the interest on her? We really don’t know.

However, she has realised that people are talking about her long list of guys who had “slept” with her. So, she now comes up with a clarification that her list not huge but small compared to some others.

Who are they we don’t know but you guys yourself check out her latest facebook post.