Sridevi Returns To Silver-Screen With Daughter

With increasing sex-appeal by each passing day, yesteryear seductress and glamor diva Sridevi is looking like a raw treat. The talented actress is said to be competing with none other than her daughter to comeback to films.
Industry is abuzz that Sridevi is tempting her elder daughter Jhanvi to enter the tinsel world soon. More than Jhanvi, she is charming the media and fans with her red hot dresses and withering thighs show. After recovering from thyroid disease, Sridevi is back to her sexy figure with all possible curves sculpted. Though there is a talk that she is on injections to get back her wrinkled skin and loosened muscle, people are just bothered about her beauty but not how it comes.
After making the men of 80s go weak at their knees, Sridevi aunty is now going to flatten the 2012 youth, a critic stated. But, provided with the age under her butt, she may not get a glam-doll character but a performance oriented senior-woman role only. So, one has to enjoy her beauty only at Pg3 parties and late-night celebrations but not on silver screen anymore!