Sridevi running behind thrillers

Sridevi is now running behind thriller movies now. Sridevi the queen of beauty for Bollywood and South India took a long gap from her filmy career and settled down with her family. But Sridevi gave a comeback into her films with an experimental flick “English Vinglish” and this is also a good come back for her with a success talk.

Story goes a simple and how a housewife who is not soo familiar with English manages to learn English without knowing it to her family and how he over comes society in her journey of learning English is concept of this film. But this time Sridevi is planning something wild from her past and it’s gonna be a complete different one from  her past films.
Sridevi is making her way to do some action thriller films and she will be playing main role for this movie. As per Bollywood sources Sridevi gave a call to all directors who are ready to do thriller films and she is ready to give her dates to the best story she gets, Bollywood young directors are rushing to her to test their luck.