Sridevi Vs Syria: Why Don’t We Change??

What is important as a news to be telecast and to conduct debates on? At the moment most of the TV Channels are prying on Sridevi and the death mystery stories they air from minute to minute are surely worrying audiences. Some feel that Sridevi’s family is going through unwanted pressure due to media acts and others feel that important news is being ignored by highlight the actress’ death.

While the hashtag #SrideviDeathMystery is being trended by media folks, general audiences and other netizens are busy trending #MediaKiMaut on the social media. Because the issue of a BJP party leader hitting a school van in Bihar causing nine children to die is a big news. And now that leader is absconding and Bihar assembly is getting rocked with the opposition demanding his arrest. At the same time, we have Nirav Modi, another biggest scamster India has seen, still not taken into custody by any government institution while the 11,300 crores he owns to banks is still at large. Moving on, Syria crisis is the much bigger thing the world needs to know.

In the name of crushing the rebels, right now establishments in Syria have further escalated the crisis by resorting to gas attacks on civilian areas. That resulted in deaths of many innocent children and their bloodstained bodies could be seen everywhere on the net. Some hurt and some bleeding kids are appealing to the world to save them. But where is the empathy? asks netizens, with Indian media busy talking about various angles of Sridevi’s death.

Many netizens do ask, why don’t we change? Why are we debating on how come Boney Kapoor did something to Sridevi, rather than wait for the official report of Dubai Prosecution after they complete investigation? Some say, our channels are hunting TRPs through Sridevi episode, but not really interested in showing what is happening around the world.

While Sridevi’s death mystery is important, there are many other significant issues that deserve coverage.