Sridevi’s Death: Mystery On Last Moments!

One of the most popular female superstars ever, Sridevi breathed her last on Saturday evening in a Dubai hospital where she was attending a family wedding in Ras Al Khaimah. But speculations over her death became a big fodder for everyone right now.

Some reports mentioned that Sridevi breathed her last in the bathroom and a room service guy has found her lying motionless before shifting her to a hospital where she was declared brought dead. Other news was that it is Boney Kapoor who found Sridevi’s motionless body in a bathtub and shifted to the hospital immediately, where she’s declared dead due to cardiac arrest.

In the first place, speculations started doing rounds with people failing to understand how come she suffered cardiac arrest when there is no history of heart ailments. But actually, anyone could suffer cardiac arrest and there is no need that one should have some pre-found heart-related case history for that.

Few folks even felt that botched up cosmetic surgeries would have been the cause of her death. They started talking about those swollen lips of Sridevi which have shocked everyone a month ago. Some feel that maybe the actress is under severe stress as she’s launching her daughter Jhanvi Kapoor as a heroine and she wants her elder sibling no less to become a superstar with the first film itself.

There are many things that could cause cardiac arrest including that of stress, tension, high dose of alcohol or some infection in the heart. But until the autopsy report from Dubai hospital comes out, we cannot confirm what exactly happened. That’s when the mystery over her death gets unveiled.