Sridevi’s Death: Watch Media Circus In Bathtub

By coming up with visuals that are close to the news they are reports, these days Indian media going places. Their visualisation skills, photoshop works and motion graphics are reaching new heights. And then, the way Sridevi’s bathtub death is reported is the peaks of their circus.

For example, few channels haven even created visuals of Sridevi drowned in the bathtub and added some disclaimers like ‘Visuals for representation purpose only’. And some channels created storyboards as to how Sridevi got drowned in the tub and what Boney Kapoor is doing at the door then. A Telugu reporter has got himself seated in a bathtub, to report the incident.

Some scientific calculations made by our media folks revealed that one can’t fall in a bathtub and drown themselves as the reporter didn’t face any such hurdle. Playing the judges all the time, our media folks used the maximum of their creativity inviting criticism from all quarters. Including our own people and foreign media houses, everyone is laughing at this TRP centric creativity.

During various other incidents like reporting winter Olympics and talking about budget sessions, our TV folks use their creativity by showing that the anchor sits under the snow to talk about it, or he’s standing in parliament lobby to talk about the budget. While that creativity is admirable, this one of Sridevi’s death sounds whacky. Why media, why making fun of yourself with these acts?