Sridevi’s Sexiest Pics Ever Coming Soon

The Athiloka Sundari Sridevi may still be a vision of beauty and has the same level of fan following but truth remains that she has passed her prime. So, are you wondering how she is going to come up with some sexy pictures. Well, the Sridevi we are talking about is not the actress but a new movie. This is the creation from the Ram Gopal Varma. 
It is known that he has named one of his movies as ‘Sridevi’ and now he is all set to release the next series of stills and posters. When the posters came for the first time, it triggered a lot of controversy and even the original Sridevi was miffed by using her name. Anyhow, the issue got resolved and now all eyes are on the next set of posters.
Inside sources reveal the stills and posters are going to be very sexy but not controversial. A new bombshell Anukruti is doing the title role and the story revolves around a boy who gets into his early teens and his fascination for a woman. For now, let us wait for the sexiest pictures.