Why Sridevi’s Only Sister Strangely Silent?

Bollywood queen Sridevi has left fans in mourning after her sudden, shocking death last week at the age of 54. The celebrated actress, who was found dead in the bath, is known to have had two young daughters with husband Boney Kapoor, the film producer who she married in 1996. What some of Sridevi’s fans might not know is that she has been survived by a younger sister, too.

While Boney Kapoor and his family, including his children from his first wife, have been disarmingly participative in sharing their grief at Sridevi’s sudden death, her own immediate family has been ominously quiet.Interestingly, there’s not been a word from Sridevi’s only sister Srilatha, who apparently was with the actress in Dubai in the days and hours preceding her mysterious death.

Everyone in the film industry wants to know why she was missing from Sridevi’s final send-off.A source close to the Kapoors reveals, “Srilatha has been asked to remain quiet and out of the picture. We don’t know why. We’ve also heard that she and her husband Satish will be given ownership of Sridevi’s bungalow in Chennai.”