Srikakulam Tour Exposed Flaws In Pawan Kalyan

Janasena President Pawan Kalyan is working pretty hard under the sun for “Praja Porata Yatra”, his first ever mega political tour going on in North Andhra districts now. Analysts feel that this tour is exposing the flaws of the Powerstar, not to anyone, but to himself.

Pawan’s energetic speeches, effervescent chants, emotional outbursts and expository doctrines are good to hear. Let’s say the huge crowds gathered at his convenes are going to vote his Janasena Party which is yet to get a symbol allotted by Election Commission. But the big question is, we will vote Pawan to power, but who’s going to be the face of Pawan locally?

The biggest flaw that Pawan observed about himself is, not identifying the local leaders and possible contestants on behalf of Janasena in the regions he is touring. If he himself could announce that he’s going to make a particular person as the contestant, then that makes difference. While other competitors like TDP or YSRCP has two to three contestants in the line for every MLA ticket including the incumbent ones, Janasena is not able to pronounce even a single name. That’s where people are confused and that is the area where Pawan needs wisdom.

With just a year ahead for the general elections, by this time Pawan Kalyan should unveil the cutouts of local leaders. The big faces that will be representing the party at booth level should be introduced to citizens and that is going to make a huge difference. By looking at Pawan’s face, people will not be voting to any face that will face them in their own constituency, but only a credible and upright face that gets the votes.

Talk is that Praja Rajyam Party would have won at least 20 seats in addition to the 18 it won in 2014, had the party fielded right candidates. Identifying this flaw, first Pawan should correct it, and then he could relax by attacking others. Otherwise, his speeches end up as mere YouTube view-making videos.