Srinu team litmus test


After parting ways with his one-time favorite writers Kona and Gopi, ace director Srinu has reportedly roped in 7 to 8 young writers, to help for his upcoming cop story “Aagadu’ and now their talent would be tested, as the much-hyped film, is getting ready for release. Initially, director Srinu wanted to patch up with famed writers, but later, resolved to rope in a young team and they have lived up to his expectations, but coming up with humorous scenes and also punchlines that suit the larger-than-life image of superstar Mahesh.

With Mahesh and Srinu already well entrenched in top league, so the limelight has fallen on this young bunch of writers, who really worked hard day and night and churned out of hundreds of dialogues, to give more scope for director to choose from, since has great flair for comedy and punchlines for action episodes. Already, with trailer, they passed out initial test, with dialogues of heroes comparing themselves with lions and tigers, catching like wildfire, so should be hoping to prove a point, with more such stuff in the 2/12 hour movie.