Srinu Vytla’s copy cat act for Aagadu?

Most of the Telugu films are inspired or copied from some or the other language film. Many directors don’t give any credit to the original makers even if they lift content from so and so film. Srinu Vytla has the habit of taking inspiration from other language films and making a movie of his own style.

For Dookudu, he has taken the basic storyline from a film called Good Bye Lenin and added his style of humor to make it a blockbuster. As per the grapevine, he is copying few scenes from Hindi film Special Chabbis for the sake of his latest film Aagadu. Special Chabbis was inspired by real life incidents and won lot of critical acclaim.

Gossip winery is abuzz that Srinu Vytla has lifted few key scenes and twists from Special Chabbis for Aagadu. We have to wait until the movie releases to know if there is any truth in these rumors or not? In Special Chabbis, Akshay Kumar poses as police and plans a grand heist and executes it to perfection. In Aagadu, Mahesh is also playing a cop and we don’t know the background and motive of the character yet.