Star Hero Angry With Corporate Hospital !

He is a star hero who is a family man with a great bond with his family. The star hero is known for getting emotional when it comes to his family members. However, he has faced very difficult situation when his wife was delivering a baby at a corporate hospital.

When his wife had delivered the newborn baby, a few employees of the hospital have taken the pictures of the newborn and circulated it online. This has crashed all the plans of the star hero who had planned a nice photo-shoot of the newborn baby and wanted to reveal them to public after he is happy with the shoot pics. But all his plans go haywire when the pics of the newborn baby were leaked online.

Learning about this, the star hero got miffed and got very upset that he had given ultimatum to the hospital that he wouldn’t even step in to the hospital due to the act of their employees. The corporate hospital said to have gone through a lot of difficulty in convincing him and cooling down his anger. At last, finally the star hero has excused them in the happiness of the new born. With such an incident, the hospital got alerted and ordered new restrictions to employees.

Since then, the corporate hospital said to have made the rules stricter. Now, the employees particularly nurses, young doctors and other support staff have been asked to deposit their mobile phones outside and told them their mobiles are not allowed inside. This is now causing great inconvenience to all the employees. For the act of a few, now all are said to be suffering. That’s the story folks.