Star Hero looks up to Anushka for inspiration

Tamil hero Dhanush and southern hottie Anushka share a special bonding. In fact, the Kolaveri star claimed that Sweety is his best buddy in the Industry.
“Anushka is a source of inspiration for me. She is such a positive person that nothing could upset her. Whenever I feel low, sweety is there to help me and makes me come out of that phase. She sends random messages to motivate me and I end up smiling. I wish I’m at least half of what she is!,” said Dhanush.
The duo is already making some noise with the album ‘Sachin Anthem’, which was their tribute to the legendary cricketer. Dhanush’s decision to rope in Anushka for the album has surprised the film goers. The question that surfaced in everyone’s mind is that ‘Why he choose Anushka, instead of Shruti Hassan or someone else?’ But no one could figure out the actual reason behind it. With Dhanush openly speaking out now saying he had a special place for the long leg beauty in his heart, all the doubts were cleared. Now its Anushka’s turn to express her feeling for the Tamil Star. Hope she doesn’t disappoint Dhanush! Good to see this bond of deep friendship between two top stars in the Industry!!!